Daniel Malva

Daniel Malva is a Brazilian artist born in 1977 in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, who now
lives and works in São Paulo. At the age of 13, Malva began working in an
advertising studio, where he spent the next eight years drawing and
experimenting with various media. Before earning degrees in Photography from
Senac-SP in 2006 and Mechatronics from Senai-SP in 2015, Malva studied
Biology and Chemical Engineering, which, although he did not complete them,
led him to work on the Genome Project from 1998-2001. Since then, he has been
in constant search of new photographic approaches – making his own lenses,
creating new ways of developing film and reprograming the software of digital
cameras – all of which are based on his curiosity and sense of exploration into
the inner workings of objects and processes. In 2009, Malva exhibited the
photographic essay Museu de História Natural (Natural History Museum) at São
Paulo’s Mezanino Gallery. This series was also part of the exhibition and book
‘Generation 00 – The New Brazilian Photography’ edited by Eder Chiodetto. He
has been represented by Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery since 2013, and has had
solo shows in London and Oslo (both 2014). His works will be an acquisition for
the collection of the Museum of the City of São Paulo for Casa da Imagem where
he made a solo exhibition at the end of 2015.

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