The Mezanino Gallery

Since 2006 in the contemporary art Market, crossing languages and providing inclusion and discussion, the focus of the project has always been in the boldness of its propositions. Its director, Renato De Cara, with over thirty years of experience, has produced and created images and events as editor, artist and curator, setting him apart in what he does, with a look to the non-obvious and unconventional. The interest is in discovering and highlighting unestablished artists, giving visibility to those whom, with unique speeches in the most unusual and diverse poetics, always with great quality, have been speaking of our time and of other worlds. In more than a decade of activities, friends, artists, press and professionals of the most diverse areas where partners, collaborators, visitants and clients in the Mezanino project that, as of May 2017, assumes a new business model. In a more dynamic structure, De Cara will fulfill the new demands to which he has been requested. Artists looking for a better structuring of their careers, reading of portfolios with critical monitoring, orientation for public and private collectors, production and direction of exhibitions, always establishing conceptual and market relations, outside the common axis. The production and curatorial work of the exhibitions will continue, in pop-up formats in partner spaces, according with the proposed thematic and convenience of occupation – being in friendly galleries or unusual properties, for marks interested in the construction of an image related to freethinking. With a Central Office in Pinheiros/SP, makes appointments to meet clients, artists and the public in general for visitation and acquisition of its collection, career guidance and project development. Mezanino continues active and more solid every day, in the will, the love, the opportunities and the randomness that makes this world spin.
The represented artists are: Ariel Spadari, Daniel Malva, Danielle Noronha, Eduardo Sancinetti, Eduardo Ver, Emídio Contente, Felipe Cidade, Francisco Maringelli, Giselle Beiguelman, Leo Sombra, Luanna Jimenes, Luiz Martins, Marlene Crespo, Martin Brausewetter, Reynaldo Candia, Sergio Niculitcheff, Shima, Thelma Vilas Boas, Thiago Navas e Ulysses Bôscolo.

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